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This is a sample of the video art I created for The Remai Modern’s LUGO: DEEP, which took place in the gallery on January 12th, 2019. This video was created by using AfterEffects to manipulate my own video footage of pool water rippling in the sun. The ten minute loop was projected on the walls in the gallery and displayed on screens during the event. This is en example of the kind of work I would like to continue developing during the grant term. Using my own HD 120 frame per second (FPS) video footage allows me to pull more intricate details out of that material than when I work with older found footage and results in a cleaner looking final result. The high frame rate allows me to control the speed and energy of the final project more effectively than if I were to use material filmed at the standard 25FPS or 30FPS


2 - PROJECTIONS FOR RAYANNAH - EN ATTENDANT DEMAIN | Filmed in Winnipeg, MB in March 2018. Projections by Stephanie Kuse. Full credits here

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The projections in this music video were created using my own video footage of waves on the shore of the Pacific ocean and glimmering lake water. This footage was not shot in high definition at 120 frames per second as I did not own a camera with those capabilities at the time. As such, the projections are more simplistic and flat looking than the ones created for LUGO: DEEP. I believe the flat appearance of the shapes in these projections worked in the context of this music video, however this is an example of the aesthetic I would like to move away from by working with higher quality source material. It is also an example of why I’d like to gather new material from British Columbia— the kinds of motion produced by the ocean are difficult to replicate and provide an organic push-pull to my digital work.


3 - PROJECTIONS FOR RAYANNAH - BEST OF YOU | Filmed in Winnipeg, MB in July, 2018. Projections by Stephanie Kuse. Full credits here

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The projections in this music video were made using my own footage of the Saskatchewan river, a lake and found footage of ocean waves. These projections are another example of an aesthic I’d like to move away from by using higher quality source material as well as an example of the subject matter I’d like to continue working with.



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SEMBLANCE was an interactive live audio/video installation which was part of Nuit Blanche Saskatoon 2018. Viewers were invited to look into a mirror and have their reflections woven into an abstract video composition mixed live. SEMBLANCE was installed underneath the Broadway Bridge in Saskatoon on September 30th, 2018. I have included this clip as an example of a large video installation I have planned and produced.


The following twelve photos are from select live visual performances. The projections in these photos are examples of the textural abstract work I have been producing using my own video footage in combination with heavily edited found footage of natural textures. I would like to move away from using found footage and be able to produce entire sets of live visuals using material created from my own video footage. I also intend on introducing more concrete material into my primarily textural work, which is one of my reasons for learning a 3D video rendering software. Click on images to expand.

First row: Rayannah performing in Winnipeg, MB on November 25, 2018 as part of Jazz Winnipeg’s NuSounds Series

Second row: Kellerisa (Vancouver, BC) and Soft Cure (Calgary, AB) performing at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Lethbridge, AB as part of FLIP FEST! 2018

Third row: Ponteix (Saskatoon, SK) performing on June 1st, 2018 at The Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon, SK

Fourth row: Close Talker (Saskatoon, SK) performing at Emmanuel Church on January 19th, 2018 as part of The Broadway Theatre’s Winterruption Festival.